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  1. dsl file of runtime language is now generated at the root of the project (detail / githubweb)
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  1. Metamodel exhibiting all Ecore features Success#487Success#539 (detail)
  2. Simple subpackages management example Success#487Success#539 (detail)
  3. Success#507Success#542 (detail)
  4. Success#426Success#474 (detail)
  5. Composite Finite StateMachine Metamodel Success#487Success#539 (detail)
  6. Simple Finite StateMachine Metamodel Success#487Success#539 (detail)
  7. Success#525Success#548 (detail)
  8. Dummy Finite StateMachine Metamodel Success#487Success#539 (detail)
  9. Dummy Timed Finite StateMachine Metamodel Success#487Success#539 (detail)

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