1. transform_32_into_64.sh: call envvars.sh (details)
  2. transform32into64: Pass required environment variables (details)
  3. envvars.sh: handle nounset (details)
  4. transform_32_into_64.sh: envversion.sh called twice (details)
Commit ec1a56dc37709bf4f94d5fca677ec31c373b6e14 by akgrant0710
transform_32_into_64.sh: call envvars.sh
envvars.sh is required to set up environment variables such as
The file was modifiedbootstrap/scripts/transform_32_into_64.sh (diff)
Commit 5764a8788bc479f5f81d78a2805c105782112782 by akgrant0710
transform32into64: Pass required environment variables
... to transform_32_into_64.sh
The file was modifiedJenkinsfile (diff)
Commit e35745cf603515b4fcb0000c66b267ba2366d069 by akgrant0710
envvars.sh: handle nounset
Modify envvars.sh to correctly test for environment variables not set
when the bash option "nounset" is set.
The file was modifiedbootstrap/scripts/envvars.sh (diff)
Commit bb33d9a4e62bff8e9670e7d467a47ff76fc8716b by akgrant0710
transform_32_into_64.sh: envversion.sh called twice
transform_32_into_64.sh doesn't need to directly call envversion.sh as
it is called from envvars.sh.
The file was modifiedbootstrap/scripts/transform_32_into_64.sh (diff)