1. fixes #4003 (details)
  2. remove dead code #commentInventory (details)
  3. - fix comment - cagegorize (details)
Commit 151042dd7a524c46a33f3a286495b6af769ebdfc by marcus.denker
fixes #4003
added inspector pane for LiteralVariable, maybe move it to ClassVariable
later (things like Workspace vars are not interesting here)
The file was modifiedsrc/Slot-Core/ (diff)
Commit d7088720f1e4a7b1c3296de34d0110efd9fb65fd by marcus.denker
remove dead code #commentInventory
The file was modifiedsrc/Kernel/ (diff)
The file was modifiedsrc/System-Support/ (diff)
Commit da11f81ede63057d1afde9415a6cc9cf4088290e by marcus.denker
- fix comment - cagegorize
The file was modifiedsrc/Slot-Core/ (diff)