1. Formatting cleanups Balloon-Tests (details)
  2. Use assert:equals: in ChunkImportTestCase (details)
  3. Cleanup comeFullyUpOnReload: (details)
Commit 8faacfd886b80bb3697595d1545a4743e3d8f744 by astares
Formatting cleanups Balloon-Tests
- remove unnecessary spaces
- add better formatting for readability
Fix #4094
The file was modifiedsrc/Balloon-Tests/ (diff)
The file was modifiedsrc/Balloon-Tests/ (diff)
Commit 4fdaded118109c526d00a76f02af559eb7fdb606 by astares
Use assert:equals: in ChunkImportTestCase
Fix #4096
The file was modifiedsrc/CodeImport-Tests/ (diff)
Commit f430fc710dd88d4ad04f36f4f6bad6620af8413b by astares
Cleanup comeFullyUpOnReload:
Fix #4098
The file was modifiedsrc/Monticello/ (diff)