1. ReProperMethodProtocolNameRule should be abstract (details)
  2. Provide a proper category rule for "accessing" (details)
  3. Fix some tests categories (details)
Commit 1a7c024c657e13671df82a478571f2bc22e03c75 by astares
ReProperMethodProtocolNameRule should be abstract 

Fix #9477
The file was modifiedsrc/Renraku/ (diff)
Commit ed21d4e9f4773ec92e8006b245e9c7a5e9164caf by astares
Provide a proper category rule for "accessing"

Fix #9479
The file was addedsrc/Renraku/
Commit d971cae2ebe3014b5aa8a32ab39af792dcd945fe by astares
Fix some tests categories 

Fix #9481
The file was modifiedsrc/Kernel-Tests/ (diff)