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Project Lab4U-Mobile-Sensor-Viewer

This is an example jenkins job with extendable default settings.
If you want to create a new job us this job as a template.

  1. If you don't already have a user account on
    • request one on the Inria Continuous Integration portal
    • check your inbox! You need to click on the activation link to get a fully working account
    • go to the project list and look for pharo-contribution. Request to join it.
    • wait that an admin of pharo-contribution accepts your request. You will be notified by email.
    • once the join request accepted, you are able to connect on with the account created on
  2. Click on New Job
  3. Set a title (usually the package name of your Pharo project) and choose Copy existing Job and select JobTemplate
  4. Write a meaningful project description (required) with a contact information
  5. Adapt the properties of the Build:
    • [URLTrigger] - Poll with a URL: set the proper URL of the source MC repository
    • Matrix Configuration - MOOSE: On which Pharo version should your project be tested? (51,60)
    • Matrix Configuration - VERSION: Which version of your Metacello Configuration should be tested? (development, stable, last, bleedingEdge or a version number)
    • Matrix Configuration - VM: Which VM should be used for testing your project? (vm or vmS)
  6. Finally adapt the build script if necessary.
    Usually the $REPO variable has to be changed to the one specified for the URLTrigger settings.
    Furthermore the default settings assume that the Jenkins job has the same name as your Pharo project and thus the configuration.
    The Jenkins job named Soup uses a Metacello configuration named ConfigurationOfSoup and runs all tests in the packages matching Soup.*.
  7. Try and run your job. Not that test results are only visible after the second run.
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