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Project 70-Bootstrap-32bit

Pharo 7.0 32-bit bootstrap based on #development branch from
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Pharo7.0-32bit-919eed0.zip15.81 MB view
Pharo7.0-compiler-32bit-919eed0.zip1.22 MB view
Pharo7.0-core-32bit-919eed0.zip1.44 MB view
Pharo7.0-metacello-32bit-919eed0.zip4.35 MB view
Pharo7.0-monticello-32bit-919eed0.zip3.70 MB view
Pharo7.0-monticello_bootstrap-32bit-919eed0.zip3.37 MB view
protocols.txt615.49 KB view
bootstrap.zip1.01 MB view
bootstrapImage.zip22.88 MB view
package-cache.zip12.73 MB view
st-cache.zip568.32 KB view
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