Full name Description Actions
rmod Projects related to the RMOD team
SimGrid SimGrid is a toolkit that provides core functionalities for the simulation of distributed applications in heterogeneous distrib [...]
OpenVibe software platform OpenViBE is a software platform that enables to design, test and use Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs). BCIs are communication s [...]
DTK DTK est une méta-plateforme agrégatrice et modulaire. http://dtk.inria.fr/
OW2 FraSCAti OW2 FraSCAti is a middleware platform for Service-Oriented Computing.
CADO-NFS Integer factorization with the Number Field Sieve
OpenAlea continuous integration OpenAlea is an open source project for plant modeling.
medInria medInria is a multi-platform medical image processing and visualization software, and it's free. Through an intuitive user [...]
Hardware Locality The Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc) software package provides a portable abstraction (across OS, versions, architectures, .. [...]
Siconos Software SICONOS is an open source scientific software primarily targeted at modeling and simulating nonsmooth dynamical systems
Moose - platform for software and data analysis www.moosetechnology.org
Malai A UI event processing library
pharo-contribution Pharo projects that are not directly maintained by the Pharo team.
ParadisEO A C++ white-box object-oriented framework dedicated to the reusable design of metaheuristics.
CRAC CRAC is a tool for mapping and accurately classifying reads produced by high throughput sequencers.CRAC can detect SNPs, splice [...]
Bonsai Projects related to the Bonsai team.
StarPU StarPU is a task programming library for hybrid architectures
NUM3SIS Num3sis (num3sis.inria.fr) is a Modular platform devoted to scientific computing and numerical simulation.
Semi-Lagrangian Library SeLaLib is an API for components of basic numerical implementation of a code for kinetic simulation of plasma turbulence in Tok [...]
Visual Servoing Platform ViSP continuous integration