Full name Description Actions
structural-bioinformatics-library This project hosts the software developments carried out within the ABS project team.
It corresponds to the ABS Software [...]
Expressive Interactive software used to intuitively design, edit and animate shapes, characters and 3D scenes
Spoon Open Source project Continuous integration server at large scale
Developmental Reinforcement Learning @see inriaforge
C++ ...
KSTAR KSTAR is a source-to-source C/C++ compiler that translates OpenMP pragmas calls to parallel programming libraries like StarPU o [...]
Polychrony. A Toolset for Signal Polychrony is an integrated development environment and technology demonstrator. It provides a unified model-driven environment [...]
gf2x gf2x library, for multiplying binary polynomials. autotools-based.
Graal Graal is a Java toolkit dedicated to querying knowledge bases within the framework of existential rules, aka Datalog+/-.
Job Dispatcher Outil de démonstration d'algorithmes, permettant de dispatcher des exécutions de jobs entre différents 'workers� [...]
Perfect SImulator PSI is a software simulator of Markov chains on large discrete state space. It samples steady state distribution in finite time [...]
NumBBO - rewritten Coco code Numerical Black-Box Optimization Benchmarking Framework (http://coco.gforge.inria.fr/)
Coccinelle C program matching and transformation tool
CAM (Context Aware Mobile) CAM (Context Aware Mobile) aims to provide
a middleware embedded in the mobile phone that uses Context information to ad [...]
Corese Corese is a semantic Web search engine based on Conceptual Graphs. It is written in Java, uses JUnit as test framework.
NGUYEN Duc Manh Windows
Deformetrica Deformetrica is an implementation of morphometric methods based on 3D space deformations to warp shape complexes
Pull Request Tester Spoon Linked to Spoon Github project to test all pull requests of users.
Domassist 500 Domassist 500 CI. Phoenix Team
LinBox ecosystem The LinBox ecosystem is composed of the 3 following open-source libraries:
givaro: a C++ library for arithmetic and alge [...]
f-interop platform Description of your software. Tools used to build and test your software.