Full name Description Actions
Chevalier ConPaaS
Chevalier ConPaaS
pylint/pep8 unit and mocked tests
also functional testing with VM deploying containers
Django The DJANGO code aims at investigating Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) instabilities in a Tokamak Plasma.
Alecsia Alecsia (Aide à L'Evaluation et à la Correction SemI-Automatisée)
InriaForge InriaForge runs a modified version of FusionForge.
This project will run the FusionForge's fusionforge-60-deb-debia [...]
Soledge Soledge-2D is a fluid code that allows one to study density and parallel momentum transport in a 2D geometry including edge and [...]
structural-bioinformatics-library This project hosts the software developments carried out within the ABS project team.
It corresponds to the ABS Software [...]
Expressive Interactive software used to intuitively design, edit and animate shapes, characters and 3D scenes