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Developmental Reinforcement Learning @see inriaforge
C++ ...
KSTAR KSTAR is a source-to-source C/C++ compiler that translates OpenMP pragmas calls to parallel programming libraries like StarPU o [...]
Polychrony. A Toolset for Signal Polychrony is an integrated development environment and technology demonstrator. It provides a unified model-driven environment [...]
Graal Graal is a Java toolkit dedicated to querying knowledge bases within the framework of existential rules, aka Datalog+/-.
Job Dispatcher Outil de démonstration d'algorithmes, permettant de dispatcher des exécutions de jobs entre différents 'workers� [...]
Perfect SImulator PSI is a software simulator of Markov chains on large discrete state space. It samples steady state distribution in finite time [...]
NumBBO - rewritten Coco code Numerical Black-Box Optimization Benchmarking Framework (http://coco.gforge.inria.fr/)
CAM (Context Aware Mobile) CAM (Context Aware Mobile) aims to provide
a middleware embedded in the mobile phone that uses Context information to ad [...]