Full name Description Actions
Kernalytics Kernel-powered analytics.
MixtComp Mixture model based clustering and prediction.
jenkinsdockertestvincent A Jenkins to test new Docker functionalities provided by Anthony Baire
KeOps KErnel OPerationS, on CPUs and GPUs, with autodiff and without memory overflows.
Clinica Aramis Software platform for clinical neuroimagerie studies
StarPart Flexible and extensible framework that integrates state-of-the-art methods for graph partitioning and sparse matrix ordering.
stdcompat https://github.com/thierry-martinez/stdcompat
websed-saclay Construction du site web du SED de Saclay.
formation-gitlab-ci Runners for the gitlab ci
plafrim-gpu-test A project to test GPU offer from PlaFRIM
Spirals Project to host the runners for the continuous integration of the Spirals projects on the Inria GitLab as explained in https:// [...]
clangml clangml
JSExplain An (unofficial) ECMAScript Reference Interpreter and Double-debugger.
Hobit Hybrid Optical Benches for Innovative Teaching
Test testDescription of your software. Tools used to build and test your software.
TicketToRide Cut Generation Visualizer
bocop Bocop: optimal control toolbox
Sci-Kit Mine Development and integration of librairies dedicated to pattern mining into Scikit Learn
Optimized Deep Brain Stimulation The software is used to predict deep brain stimulation targets from segmented MRI of the brain
PowerAPI PowerAPI is a middleware toolkit for building software-defined power meters.